Scan this QRcode with your DigiID enabled mobile wallet.

You can also click on the QRcode if you have a DigiID enabled desktop wallet.

Click on QRcode to activate compatible desktop wallet

No compatible wallet ? Use manual signing.

Manual signing

The user experience is quite combersome, but it has the advangage of being compatible with all wallets including DigiByte Core.

Please sign the challenge in the box below using the private key of this DigiByte address you want to identify yourself with. Copy the text, open your wallet, choose your DigiByte address, select the sign message function, paste the text into the message input and sign. After it is done, copy and paste the signature into the field below.

Cumbersome. Yep. Much better with a simple scan or click using a compatible wallet :)


You can also simulate the response of the wallet by executing the following API call :